personal training

I ask that all clients to create “performance related goals”. An example would be to take part in a 5km Park Run, do a full press up, squat your own body weight etc. This is really important. There is so much pressure on people for body image at the moment which can be so detrimental to health. With a performance goal your always striving to achieve more rather than looking in the mirror every morning. With the right goals and adjusted eating plan, people tone up, loose weight fairly quickly and improve overall health as well as their relationship with exercise.

I charge either £35ph for individual sessions or £300 for a block of 10hr.

The block of 10hrs includes a support pack that has a nutritional plan, healthy recipes, home and gym workouts and my healthy living principles.

Oh and I should also add that I am fully qualified and insured as a Lv3 PT with Ante/Post Natal Exercise Programming but also have a BSc and MSc in Sport and Exercise nutrition with a PGCE too. Not just a 60min online course!!

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