Core Values

1)     Lower carbohydrates, not zero carbohydrates.

Your low carbohydrate diet will support your health in countless ways! Firstly, we are reducing the amount of complex and natural carbohydrates you consume and completely removing simple and manmade carbohydrates. This will help to stabilize your blood sugar levels, reduce cravings and decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes. Secondly, low carbohydrate diets help to diminish your total calorie intake which will support your fat loss plan.


2)     Eat often.

It is important to eat high protein meals regularly as this will reduce your cravings. After breakfast, you should eat every 3-4hours. To do this you must prepare your meals in advance. Having meals ready will keep you on track and away from fast food unhealthy options when time is precious.


3)    Keep it real.

Only eat natural, real, unprocessed food. Never choose low fat or low sugar modified options. By choosing these options you are tricking your body and this will only make you crave them more later. Avoid processed foods, these can play havoc with your digestive health, stick to the diet plan and you won’t be disappointed.


4)     Exercise.

This is just as important as what you eat. Our aim is to reduce body fat, this is not possible without some form of exercise. You should aim for at least three classes or gym sessions per week.  Exercise comes with a reward. As well as improvements in mobility, cardiovascular health, muscle tone, reduced stress and improved sleep patterns, you are permitted to consume carbohydrates in your meal that immediately follows exercise.


5)     Enjoy your food.

Feel free to add herbs and spices to your meals to meet your taste. We should never forget that all food is to be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. Therefore, once a week, you are allowed a “cheat meal”. One meal per week where you can eat whatever you crave. This could be pizza, fish and chips or a Chinese take away, anything you like. This has two purposes; firstly, it will increase your metabolism and secondly it will help you to stay focused, something to look forward to. Hopefully this practice will reduce your risk of binging at the end of the diet making this a positive lifestyle change that fits around real life!